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West Virginia Parents:



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Over 2,000 families served last year!

Step 1. Watch the video to learn more

Home visitors partners with families so children grow up healthy,
strong and ready to learn.

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Step 2. Find Your Program!

The directory below provides the name, address and telephone numbers of agencies listed by county in West Virginia that provide services, including a brief summary and criteria for enrollment.


The home visitation models/programs currently providing services in the State include: Healthy Families America; Maternal Infant Health Outreach Workers (MIHOW); Parents as Teachers; Early Head Start; Right From The Start; Healthy Start/Helping Appalachian Parents & Infants Project (HAPI); and Save the Children.

Click on your county below to locate the programs serving your area:

98% of WV parents STRONGLY agree:
“I want to do what’s best for my children.”

Still not sure what you need?

 Visit: Help Me Grow

A free referral service connecting families to critical developmental resources for their children up to age 5

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